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All assigned Influencers get to keep your promoted goods in exchange for posted content. Send monetary offers to Paid Influencers that exhibit top skill and outreach.

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Conversations are seamlessly synced between the website and your phone via MMS messages, making it easier to reply and ensure your campaigns are carried out promptly.

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View and download metric reports from the platform and manage all accepted, pending, and completed assignments.

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“Muttel Pet has hundreds of influencer profiles classified by location, # of followers but also engagement rate, which was key to our research. Great source to find future brand ambassadors.”

“I love when I get an invite to attend anything Muttel Pet related. Cinderelly and I know it's always going to be a special occasion.”


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Activity Dashboard

Manage tasks like a pro and see which assignments pending, accepted and completed right upfront.

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Find the perfect Influencer profile for your brand with filters for demographic, performance and more.

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When you need to, you can reach out to influencers with specific questions.

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Maintain a record of your posts history your history of Influencer posts

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Post Ratings

When an Influencer completes an assignment, help the community out by rating the post.


Get news about releases and related promotions.

Influencer Compensation

All Influencers that accept your Campaign assignment will require the.

Goods ExchangeInfluencers who barter their services in exchange for goods.

Goods Exchange +FeePro Influencers often require a fee in addition to your Campaign’s goods. Pro Influencers excell in followers, engagements rates, like counts, photography and/or videography skill.

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iFetch Go

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