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Frequent Brand Questions

How do I know which influencers would be good for my brand?

There are many different ways to refine your search for the perfect influencer. Search by follower count or Instagram page or engagement rate is a popular way to search and we are always happy to help you make some selections. Shoot us an email to hello@muttelpet.com.

Does my subscription allow me to select as many influencers each month to work with?

Yes. However, we recommend starting with a handful and get used to the process. You also do not want to overwhelm yourself too much initially.

What type of campaigns can I ask an influencer to carry out?

There are currently (3) major types of brand campaigns you can ask an influencer to perform. 1) Send a product(s) to an influencer to photograph or take video with and post. 2) Write an Honest Review of your product(s) on Amazon or Chewy. You would reimburse an influencer after they have legitimately purchased your product(s). 3) Team up with influencers to run a giveaway campaign through their Instagram page.

How do I know what to offer a Super Muttel (paid influencer)?

It doesn't hurt to start with a monetary offer you feel comfortable spending. The influencer has the opportunity to counter an offer should you accept countering in your brand campaign details. However, this should give a brand idea of what type of spend will prompt an influencer to engage.

What happens if influencers are rejecting my invitation to participate in my brand campaign?

We recommend taking a look at your campaign details. You may have too many requirements or tasks for the influencer to complete which may be a deterrent. Less is more. Be straightforward and concise in your brand campaign requirements. Remember, there are always plenty of influencers to choose from so go back and invite more.

In addition to my subscription, do I have to pay any Muttel Pet influencers to carry out my brand campaign?

Yes. Our Super Muttels (paid influencers) are compensated monetarily to carry out a brand campaign. However, most influencers on the platform are free to work with and will accept goods in exchange for postings or to engage in a campaign.

How are Super Muttels compensated?

Once a brand and Super Muttel level influencer have agreed on a payment amount to initiate a campaign and content has been posted on the Muttel Pet platform by an influencer, In order to protect the brand, payments made by brands to carry out these types of paid campaigns are held by Muttel Pet corporate and only paid out to the influencer only when the aforementioned has been carried out.

What do I do if an influencer has not responded to me?

If you already tried messaging them through chat send us an email through our contact us page. We are always happy to jump in and help. Please do not take rejections to campaign invites personal. There are many factors that go into why an influencer has turned down a campaign invite. Reason could range from allergies to a particular ingredient in your product,

Are Muttels obligated to post when they accept my invite to participate in my brand campaign?

Yes. An influencer must agree to terms and conditions when they accept your invite to participate. By doing this, they are obligated to post and carry out your brand assignment as you instructed them to do so. Brands are also obligated to send products out to an influencer they have invited to participate in a brand campaign so be sure you're selecting those you want to seriously work with only.

How do I know if a Muttel has received my product to carry out my brand campaign?

You can message an influencer directly through chat. They will receive a message through the internal chat, email, and SMS text messaging.

How do I reimburse an influencer for a Honest Review brand campaign?

You can message the influencer directly through chat to ask how they wish to be reimbursed.

How do I know when posts go live and see their results?

An influencer is obligated to upload the post link to the Muttel Pet platform for you to see once it has gone live. From there, you will be able to see how much engagement the post has received. In the case of our Super Muttels, a payment from a brand cannot be processed until the influencer has uploaded the posted content.

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Influencer Compensation

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Goods ExchangeInfluencers who barter their services in exchange for goods.

Goods Exchange +FeePro Influencers often require a fee in addition to your Campaign’s goods. Pro Influencers excell in followers, engagements rates, like counts, photography and/or videography skill.

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